Sunday, November 28, 2010

MURS Radios: Usage of WireFree Doorbell and Intercom

MURS Radios’ WireFree Wireless Doorbell and Intercom will give a two-tone sound when the Call button is pressed by a visitor at the door which will then give similar tone throughout the house via WireFree Portable intercoms two seconds after. A house member would then reply to the guest through WireFree Portable by pushing the button Talk. The visitor has 40 seconds to talk without touching the button again but the house member has to press the Talk button every time he/she responds. The microphone of the MURS Radios will only be enabled for about 40 seconds before turning off thus cutting all sounds so you have to press the button again.

The difference between WireFree Outdoor Intercom and Wireless Doorbell is that you can’t make a call with the latter. In order to work, the person outside must press the Call button before someone inside the house replies by pushing the Talk button on the indoor intercom. Another difference between the two is that WireFree Outdoor Intercom does not come with hands-free, speakerphone type conversation unlike the Wireless Doorbell.

You can install a maximum of 11 MURS Radios WireFree Portable intercoms inside and once someone presses the Call button of the outdoor intercom, every indoor intercom will receive the doorbell tone as well. Either you can have a secure channel with the unit for private conversations or set it up in a Conference mode so everybody can hear the response.

Additional Uses

Having this unit can be very convenient when caring for an elderly patient or disabled person. However this will only work if that person can press the button even once. With this intercom, the caregiver can be summoned upon hearing the doorbell chime. However, the caregiver can’t contact the person under his/her care through the unit but this will not be a problem for the caregiver is generally a fit person that he/she can simply walk to his/her charge anytime.

The white-coloured outdoor intercom is usually mounted at the wall but you can have it mounted at the table top with some minor modifications. Simply buy self-adhesive vinyl bumpers that are normally used to keep cabinet doors quiet when closing, at your neighbouring hardware. Then you can stick five of these bumpers on the outdoor intercom’s bottom and place it anywhere you like without the problem of having it slide out of place.

Just remember that these MURS Radios units are not compatible with the units that are bought on January 2010 and backwards.

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