Monday, November 8, 2010

MURS Radios: MURS Callbox

MURS Radios, which sounds like ‘furs’, is a set of frequencies for communication use in personal or business reasons that is newly added by the FCC. MURS is not that popular and many have not heard about it so there won’t be a heavy traffic in most areas on it. The MURS have only five available channels together with 38 quiet codes that enable users to hear only the conversations that are set on the same channel and code as them to ensure privacy. Every intercoms and radios available with MURS Radios have no compatibility problems with each other and you can even combine them or mix and match them to your preference.

Most intercoms need to be set up with wires that may run through a concrete or asphalt areas or over some extended distances that will cost you thousands of dollars, and the added nuisance of acquiring permits before the digging starts. Problems may arise with this kind of set up such as wiring unintentionally cut or the wiring goes bad resulting to doing the set up once again. To avoid all these troubles, get the MURS Callbox instead for a faster and cheaper installation. The MURS XT Callbox is compatible with any MURS Radios and gives a range of at most 1 mile in distance and more if you add an external antenna, as well as communication via 2-way voice from the call box’s location to the units of MURS intercom.

MURS Callbox, an outdoor intercom is especially made for heavy duty use such as in construction sites, motels or hotels, resorts, golf courses, amusement parks, campgrounds, parking lot (airports, business buildings, etc.), gated or locked entrances, warehouses, hospitals, college campuses, farm or ranches, receiving docks, and delivery doors to name a few for easy and convenient two way communication which is needed also for security reasons. This callbox is wireless therefore no wiring, remodeling, trenching, or the costly monthly payment that comes with phone lines installation is needed. The MURS Callbox of MURS Radios can be operated using 6 D-cell batteries (Ni-Cad or alkaline rechargeable) for simple and uncomplicated installation or you can get the elective external power supply.

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