Monday, November 30, 2009

Wireless Intercom: A device to use outside your bulletproof glass

There are devices like wireless intercom that can be installed outside a bulletproof glass. This device can be used to communicate with your staff outside a bulletproof glass. This wire-free device can conveniently help in securing your property.

Wireless intercom system specifically has a VOX mode feature that enables you press the Talk button that lets you speak to people on the other side of the bulletproof glass. You can communicate normally. Your visitors and staff from the outside can talk to you even without pressing a button. They can just simply talk and listen you from the inside. This device has a two second delay before the microphone is activated once again. People from the inside can anytime interrupt by pressing talk button to control the conversation. You can talk up to 15 seconds before the microphone turns off. However, if you want to speak again, you can just press the Talk button to have15 second conversation. Also, this device can set up a conference mode to both units.

Aside from all these, wireless intercom system has another feature that allows monitor mode on your WireFree system. Another useful feature you can take advantage of is that it can detect noise from the outside by a tone from the microphone. This tone will be heard from the inside whenever the microphone is activated. But for some this feature could probably get a little bit annoying especially if you don’t want to hear every single noise outside. The solution to this is that you can simply adjust the monitor mode to lessen the sensitivity and reception to sound.

Wireless intercom has various features that you can use to protect, communicate and make your work easy. To find out more interesting features that can help you in your home or business, you can visit: Wireless Intercom