Monday, December 20, 2010

Wireless Intercom: Partner in Business

Installing a wireless intercom inside your business building is a prudent decision. With this system, the evacuation plan for emergency cases can be executed successfully. However, tenants must have knowledge of this plan, starting from the planning to the procedures and to the available emergency equipments. Together with the information learned and communicated through the wireless intercom, tenants can evacuate the area efficiently and safely.

In emergency preparation, inspect the property from top to bottom and note the possible dangerous area, safe areas, and particularly the exit doors. After the thorough inspection, install monitoring or detecting devices such as smoke detectors. Then carry out the installation of the very essential communication system. Example of this system is the wireless intercom system in which can be use to notify people responsible for evacuation in emergency cases and inform them of the proper reaction to take.

The usage of a wireless intercom depends on how the building proprietor uses it. If utilize as an alarm system, it can be termed as evacuation emergency system. With the system in place, the residents can be made aware of the manner of emergency, the corresponding procedures to execute, and thus be guided to the correct exit routes. This can also be used to do emergency drills as a run through for everybody’s benefits and as a way to check the devices if everything is all in working condition.

For people with business building or an office rented, be sure to look into the safety standards the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) provides. The OSHA has also given a recommendation to install a “Workplace Announcement System” which requires owners to have PA speakers. Adding these speakers to your wireless intercom can allow you to play recorded messages or broadcast live messages.

This wireless intercom system is an inexpensive alternative to use in emergency situations without sacrificing the safety of the employees. One must also follow the safety standards when performing the emergency evacuation particularly in business’ offices. Prior to purchasing safety equipments, go over your safety regulations and select the ideal device that meet with the terms. A wireless intercom is an efficient tool in aiding the evacuation of the tenants effectively to a safe place.

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